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Arm Knitting the new addiction!

When the sewing mojo tends to wander I pick up my knitting needles to create. Well this time I didn't, I used my arms instead. Yes, the craze that I thought I could stay away from, well I blame Michael's sale. Yes, they entice me with coupons, yes, the yarn was on sale, yes, they had other colors beside purple. So I caved and this is what I picked up.
The Bernat colors are Aran and Claret and Issac Mizrahi Craft yarn is new to Micheal's yarn and boy, the colors are gorgeous. Really it was his yarn that "inspired" me to think about arm knitting. Then the sale sign for Bernat was 2 for $10.00 so that helped seal the deal. Here are their stats below.
Bernat yarn is really soft....
This color is referred to as Columbus, Lot number 329.
See, very pretty and soft. This runs $5.99 a skein, not sure if it was on sale but I brought it anyway.
So here are the color all together. Love them!!. I started on this yesterday and will be finishing it up in about 20 minutes. The t…

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