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My first Sew along

As I ventured back into sewing and lurking so many peoples blogs I stumbled across The Curvy Sewing Collective. What a wonderful group of ladies to covet! They have open my eyes up to so many different indy companies it just blows my mind. There is so much positivity going on regarding sewing and fitting your curves that do not fit the "standards" set by the fashion industry.
Everyone loves a great fit and to really get you inspired they hosted their first sew along featuring the classic wrap dress! So how can I not participate?! I know with a wrap dress it's would be a no brainer. 
Fabric, check. Pattern, check, Thread, check. Jersey Point needle, check. I chose Vogue 8379 wrap dress. This really is a true wrap dress and I love it. I sewed View A in a ITY knit that I purchase from Fabric Mart and it has a really nice drape. It stitch it up in a Size 18 and it stitched up beautifully. I was able to get my pictures posted today.

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