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McCall's 7160 - Easy knit dress!

Yes indeed, this is the dress I am working on today and it is easy. It really easy!! The skirt is made up of 2 circles cut on the fold, 1 back piece cut on the fold and 1 front piece cut on the fold (it suppose to be cut 2, but why? for shaping?) and 1 piece for the tie belt. It a pullover dress and you can't beat that. Here is the link of for more info of the dress that will become a fall favorite for me.

I chose a this ITY knit fabric from Fabric Mart during one of the email notification and didn't go overboard at all. I'm still stashing busting but I could pass this fabric up at the great price they were offering. Isn't that how we get in trouble, lol!

Sooo I am going to get me sewing on. I will back back to share the end results and to share the pants I sewed up yesterday. Yes, you read that correctly. I made three pair of pants from my favorite McCall's 6901 pants pattern. I went down a size and they still turn out perfect every time.

Enjoy your day!

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