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It seems like I'm not the only one losing coping with a wavering sewing mojo. I have been able to catch up on the sewing blogs I enjoy reading and it seems to be going around. I blame it on time constraints and well the lack of focus. I thought I was on a roll yesterday until I realize I didn't have any knit interfacing. Good thing I have a chance to go to both Joann's and Hancock Fabrics. I will have to get up early and would rather sleep in but that's ok,I'll make it work.  I also have started taking my brown pants apart. I will share the before and after pictures with you. They were from Simplicity 1810, they are elastic pants and they came out way to big! So I will re-cut  them out at my at my RTW size 14. I know my sewing machine will be waiting for my return. It was "sew" glad that we spent time together. At first it was in shock, giving me grief bunching up stitches but I had a talk with her and she will soon have a new friend to join her. After a…

The need to SEW!

Yes, I need to sew something! I had a day of all days yesterday. Thank goodness it is Friday. I need to sew this work week out of my system and I plan on doing "sew" too. I started the new year off working overtime and well, it really isn't working for me. I have no time to prep my projects and that irritates me. I need just a little time with my sewing machine and I will be good.

I did finish my pants from Simplicity and I'm almost finish with my Harvest wrap. I stopped knitting on that when the overtime kicked in and have been doing a little before I go to bed. I'm so brain dead when I get home even that's a struggle. I can tell you this much, my Saturday's are my Saturday's again. I'm not working them anymore as of today. Unfortunately my work ethics are a little different from others because I believe in quality not quantity, so no moe giving up my Saturday. My sewing machine misses me and I miss it. So look forward to sewing some completed pr…

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