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Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a fresh new beginning and lots of creating!

Merry Christmas!

On and off the Needles....  
This project has been my calm before the storm, and what do I mean by storm? Well, I'm still knitting it. How did I lose the leaflet?, don't know. How did I forget where I left the started accessory? Once again don't know. What really sad is that it been sitting by my bed ready to be completed and worn for the holiday! Yes, working late, leaving a bit earlier in the morning has thrown my knitting time off. Good news is...I have been sewing, BUT, for a special client. Yes, Barbie's Mom needed a new wardrobe so that's another thing I have squeezed in with some light Christmas shopping. Speaking of which, that Amazon Prime membership is freaking awesome. I ordered something last Thursday and it was delivered, get this on Sunday! Yes, Sunday! How great is that!!
This is a really cute cowl by Paton and your can find the free pattern here. It knitted with a Lace Sequin yarn, which is catogory 2 sport yarn. …

Almost off the needles..

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of knitting going on, working through my stash. Yes, I have a yarn stash and I hoard knitting needles (especially when they are given to me).
This is a cute slouch hat and free, yep, free pattern from Lionsbrand. It the Tivoli Slouch hat and again a great gift ideal. If you don't have a Lionbrand account you can create one or get it pattern from here from It your basis knit and stockinette stitch with some slip stitches and yarn overs, the end result is the cute hat. I do a lot of my knitting while I'm commuting so I like easy, travel-able projects. I do believe this is anther Red Heart yarn, just can't remember which one, lol. Hopefully my resident photographer will be up to par to take some photos soon. Take care!

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your love ones!

Off the needles this week.

This is the latest accessory to come off my knitting needles. This cute beanie style hat that has a realy nice lace pattern. Although it make it difficult to kinda see the pattern, I do love the colors in the skein I chose. It can wear it with several outerwear items I currently have so I'm stoked about that. It really is very easy to knit up and if you just follow the repeats then you are good to go. I used only only skein and I going to make gloves instead mittens, although I might revisted that thought, lol. On to the next project. Another hat from the stash!

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it.

Off the Knitting Needles...

I didn't take a picture of the finished blanket but I will share with you what I have. My all time favorite baby blanket to make and give is Lionsbrand Bright Nursey Baby Throw. It's easy and knits up quickly.  To keep it cost effective I opted for the Bernat Blanket skein and needed to get a regular size skein to finish it. Below you will see the necessary info regarding the yarn.
You start off with three stitches, then yarn over on the ends until you get 90 stitches and then you start to decrease. It make the boarder as you go. As you can see you might just need one skein, depending how loose or tight you knit.
Here it when it was almost done. It really is one of my favorites.
I also knitted a scarf in these beautiful earthtone colors to go with this jacket I am passing on to a friend. I believe this was knitted with Lionsbrand Homespun yarn. I had it in my yarn stash so it needed to be utilized or donated. I know my friend will enjoy it along with her new coat.

Have I been…

I need to sew!

Happy Halloween!

Sewing? No. Knitting? YES!

When I can't sew I knit and I've  been knitting. So I've made a baby blanket with a really easy pattern from lion  When I mean one of my favorite all-time knitting patterns this is it by far. This baby blanket is Knitted up in a chunky yarn so it goes fast and works beautifully..

Now for myself I'm starting on a hats and instead of  knitting mittens, going to make some gloves and a scarf.   I hope to finally have the house unpacked and everything in its new place. I love my Saturdays but I don't want to spend them unpacking boxes. Good thing is I got the kitchen and the bathrooms all set up. My beloved sewing machine is waiting patiently to be set up and get its motor purring, but that's all in due time. My dress form is ready for a  outfit to adorn it instead of my bathrobe that just gets toss on it. Lol.

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it.

Temporary hiatus...

Hello Friends!
Well me and resident photographer moved over the Labor Day weekend so we are getting unpacked and organized.  Yes, my sewing machine has been located as well as patterns, sewing basket, dress form and stand! YAY!!!, progress. Now for the downside,  not sure what boxes (oops, did I type boxes!?) the fabric is in, lol. I thought they would be unloaded in order but oh well, I like the new place and I can see myself sewing quite a few things too.  Now I just need to wait on my new sewing desk and I one happy camper. I hope all is well with everyone. I haven't been able to catch up on what everyone has been creating but I hope to soon. 
Take care!
Knitting and Sewing and loving everything about it.

McCalls 6994 - View C

With the help of ;my coworker, Mrs. Sonia Santiago Marero, who graciously snap these pictures for me. I am able to share with you today one my creations. Thank you Sonia! My favorite pattern is making an appearance again,McCalls 6994.  This time in View C, which stitches up quickly and wear beautiful too. This is a straight forward skirt that fits like any great A line skirt should.  I made it in a knit that I had in my stash. Not sure what I was going to make with it the first time around so it must of been destined to become this skirt.
As you can see, I love the fit. I didn't make it any adjustments at all. Sewed it in the envelope's Size L with is equivalent to Size 16-18. This is a great pattern to have in your stash if you don't already. It's one of those items that cam be sewed all year around. So there will be a few more planned for the fall. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Knitting and Sewing and loving everything about it.

McCall's 6563 - Misses Knit Top

Here is another easy and quick top to stitch up if you haven't already. It is McCalls 6563. It is a pullover knit top, cut on the bias and drapes beautifully in a ITY knit. It took me forever to get this pattern because it was never in the bin at Hancock and Joanne always seem to have the smaller size. The pattern states it is a fitted top but its more relaxed to me. I sewed this in a large which coordinates with sizes 16-18. The next ones will be in medium 12-14. This top features plenty of room and with it being cut on the bias, it flow over the body quite nicely. It has a front drape neckline that can be adjusted to suite your needs. It also offers different hemline looks. 
Here is the back of the top with the narrow hemline. It has a slight hi-low hem that I love. This is definite one of my favorites. You can pretty much dress this up and down and the fabric choices seem unlimited. This was another knit from my stash and the only thing I had to purchase was some more stay ta…

McCalls 6959 -Woven Wrap Dress.

I love this dress!! It's easy to sew, comes together beautiful. So yes, I will brag on myself, I look soooo C-U-T-E in this.  I have coveted this pattern for awhile and every time I went to purchase it, it was never in the bin. Then I finally had it in my hands and it was meant to be. My favorite dress for the summer hands down.
McCall's 6959 is one pattern that is a winner. You can never go wrong with a wrap dress and this one being sewn in a woven fabric is a must have. The sizes range from Misses sizes 6-22 and I stitched this up in size 18.  This was my first time working with bias tape so this was going to be fun. I have a great bias tape pressure foot that made testing it a dream. Don't you just love how the right foot makes sewing projects so easy?
Material Selection: I used a cotton fabric from Hancock fabric that was on clearance. I brought this last year and it has been wa…

Simplicity 1810 - Reworked and Completed

When I first completed these pants they were way to big for me and I stitched them based on the hip measurement. Well, that didn't work me, so of course I had to take them apart. Did I want to? Yes, because that is what needed to be done. Did I do it a timely matter? No. I got distracted. I can hear my mother voice now, "Finish what you have first, before you tackle anything else." Well I did and then I finished 3 dresses, 1 skirt and a pair of culottes, which will be showcased soon.

What I had to do was cut these baby down to my RTW size 14, then adjust the waist and voila, perfect ft. These were made with Simplicity 1810, which is a great pattern for easy wardrobe pieces that can be interchanged and worn year around. These pant have elastic waist and are extremely comfortable. I had the material in my stash so the cost was free! Will I be making up more, yes! Especially to go with a few jackets I want to make for the fall.

Knitting and sewing and loving everything abou…

Re-purposed Skirt

Oh my, I have been missing in action but I have been busy! I gained a "new" midi skirt from a sundress. Yes, your read that right, a new skirt. I brought said sundress from Ross for Less without even trying it on, knowing doggone well I should of but didn't. It was my size and it was cute, can you blame me? Anyhoo, it was one of those "hot messes" when I got home. I didn't think to take a before picture but trust me, hot mess! One of the straps was crossed over the one strap that was short and if I took it loose then the front would of cheeped up. It had a sweetheart neckline with a racerback type straps. So I cut it up and removed the shirring and ended up with this cute skirt. I sewed a one inch casing and added 1/2' elastic and Voila! Sometime the creative just over flows and all your sewing projects just come together. I also finished my better fitting pants and will showcase them soon.

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it. 

To all the great men out there....

Thank you!

Happy Mother's Day

Have a great week Everyone!

In the works and catching up....

Wow, it has been a while BUT I have been creating. I'm still pulling from my stash so that a good thing, unfortunately I don't have this or that when it comes to completing my outfits but I digress. Here is one of my favorite dress style. How can you not go wrong with a wrap dress. This is McCall's 6959 Wrap Dress and it is super easy and really, really CUTE!!  As you can see from the pictures I didn't have enough binding so I had to pick up two more packs. I wanted to keep the lines smooth and only connect at the seams when needed. It is finish and I hope to have a pictures wearing it posted soon. I can't wait to make more. 
This is another easy pattern,  McCall's. 6563. I was hoping to have this completed but I don't have any fusible hem tape or spray adhesive for the hems. It requires a narrow hem but because it made in a ITY knit I going to do a half inch hem instead. So items have been added to my list, lol.  Next up will be these two lovely dresses. My…

Arm Knitting the new addiction!

When the sewing mojo tends to wander I pick up my knitting needles to create. Well this time I didn't, I used my arms instead. Yes, the craze that I thought I could stay away from, well I blame Michael's sale. Yes, they entice me with coupons, yes, the yarn was on sale, yes, they had other colors beside purple. So I caved and this is what I picked up.
The Bernat colors are Aran and Claret and Issac Mizrahi Craft yarn is new to Micheal's yarn and boy, the colors are gorgeous. Really it was his yarn that "inspired" me to think about arm knitting. Then the sale sign for Bernat was 2 for $10.00 so that helped seal the deal. Here are their stats below.
Bernat yarn is really soft....
This color is referred to as Columbus, Lot number 329.
See, very pretty and soft. This runs $5.99 a skein, not sure if it was on sale but I brought it anyway.
So here are the color all together. Love them!!. I started on this yesterday and will be finishing it up in about 20 minutes. The t…
It seems like I'm not the only one losing coping with a wavering sewing mojo. I have been able to catch up on the sewing blogs I enjoy reading and it seems to be going around. I blame it on time constraints and well the lack of focus. I thought I was on a roll yesterday until I realize I didn't have any knit interfacing. Good thing I have a chance to go to both Joann's and Hancock Fabrics. I will have to get up early and would rather sleep in but that's ok,I'll make it work.  I also have started taking my brown pants apart. I will share the before and after pictures with you. They were from Simplicity 1810, they are elastic pants and they came out way to big! So I will re-cut  them out at my at my RTW size 14. I know my sewing machine will be waiting for my return. It was "sew" glad that we spent time together. At first it was in shock, giving me grief bunching up stitches but I had a talk with her and she will soon have a new friend to join her. After a…

The need to SEW!

Yes, I need to sew something! I had a day of all days yesterday. Thank goodness it is Friday. I need to sew this work week out of my system and I plan on doing "sew" too. I started the new year off working overtime and well, it really isn't working for me. I have no time to prep my projects and that irritates me. I need just a little time with my sewing machine and I will be good.

I did finish my pants from Simplicity and I'm almost finish with my Harvest wrap. I stopped knitting on that when the overtime kicked in and have been doing a little before I go to bed. I'm so brain dead when I get home even that's a struggle. I can tell you this much, my Saturday's are my Saturday's again. I'm not working them anymore as of today. Unfortunately my work ethics are a little different from others because I believe in quality not quantity, so no moe giving up my Saturday. My sewing machine misses me and I miss it. So look forward to sewing some completed pr…

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