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Re-purposed Skirt

Oh my, I have been missing in action but I have been busy! I gained a "new" midi skirt from a sundress. Yes, your read that right, a new skirt. I brought said sundress from Ross for Less without even trying it on, knowing doggone well I should of but didn't. It was my size and it was cute, can you blame me? Anyhoo, it was one of those "hot messes" when I got home. I didn't think to take a before picture but trust me, hot mess! One of the straps was crossed over the one strap that was short and if I took it loose then the front would of cheeped up. It had a sweetheart neckline with a racerback type straps. So I cut it up and removed the shirring and ended up with this cute skirt.
I sewed a one inch casing and added 1/2' elastic and Voila! Sometime the creative just over flows and all your sewing projects just come together. I also finished my better fitting pants and will showcase them soon.

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it. 


  1. Love the fabric! You did a great job creating something wearable.

    1. Thank you. There is was just no way I was going to pass on remaking this. Now when I go in to Ross I will check the clearance section to keep me inspired.

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