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Off the Needles - Another great hat.

Here is my other hat project I blogged about here. It was another free leaflet I picked up at A.C. Moore and Crafts. I really enjoyed knitting this hat too. The lace pattern is really pretty in person and I never thought I would get a chance to wear it either. Thanks to the cold weather we've been having in Charlotte, I finally got to wear this one too.  The yarn is by Red Heart and the color on the skein is Jeweltone, and trust me it is pretty. I made to go with the jacket I am wearing and it they look really cute together. I still wish to make a pair of gloves to match so perhaps I will get to it soon. Here the side profile of the hat and of course I'm hiding my hair under it. I repeated a few more rows to accomdate my hair and/or make room for my scarf and rollers.  Sometime I don't do my hair until I get to work, it's like that in the mornings somtimes! Yes, I love it and yes, yes, Yes!, I will be make it again in a solid color. I can see this a possible gift too.…

Easiest hat ever!

Here is the finished hat that I blog about here. I really like this pattern, so easy to make on circular needles.  Here is the side view. More than enough room for anyone with a thick head of gorgeous hair to rock. Do I see myself knitting up more, perhaps in a variegated yarn? You betcha! I will be back soon to share the the clothes I sewed for Barbie's Mom. If the weather is going to keep me home tomorrow I will definitely be sewing!

Create something beautiful today!

Ahh a new year.....

Yes, it about that time for me to hangout with my best friend even more this year! I have been seeing inspiration all around me and my weekend are for creating! I plan on doing a lot of sewing, good thing I'm still stash busting. Although not many patterns have caught my eye, I'm glad for the ones I do have, hmmm I see quite a few dresses in my future, as well as skirts. I didn't get to do much winter sewing and that ok.  I'm ready now!
Ahh, the joy of Sewing!

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