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Merry Christmas!

The reason....

Hello Everyone, 
I hope everyone has been being creative. I have in a sorts No, no sewing going on over here. Just packing up and moving to a new place. I'm not really feeling it at all but, sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Sure was hoping to be in a beautiful new home but that not how the chips fell so I will take my time and find another new home. I still haven't packed up my sewing machine yet so maybe, just maybe I might be able to turn out something. Will see. Did I ever get my pics from my clients to share?, no, the heathens have been to busy, lol. Once thing I did discovery while packing, I discovered a box of fabric, yeah, you read that right, a box of fabric I forget about!! Clearly I have enough to continue the stash busting I'm suppose to be doing. 
Ahh, life is good!

Happy 4th!

For those lucky enough to create something wonder, Enjoy your day!

Sewing mood today....

Like Marge from The Simpson, this is the best mood to be in today. I promised myself I would create from the stash. Since I'm feeling a little vintage, today project is Simplicity 1059 Jiffy dress. This will serve as a quick sewing fix. Now that I have had some ice cream, time to get back to my machine. Such a great day!

To the most brave men and women,,,


To all the mothers...

Happy Easter!

Favorite Pants Completed

Yes indeed! I have completed three pair of pants with my favorite pattern, McCall's 6901. I think I can sew them with my eyes close now. The fits is always perfect for me. I don't think you could go wrong with a Palmer/Pletsch fitting instructions. So with that said, yes you guessed it. Now I am getting ready to start on the navy blue pair.

All the Gabardine fabric I purchased were through Amazon from the Online Fabric Store. The quality of this fabric is wonderful as well as affordable as you can see below. I was in Sears, tempted to buy a pair,  same great quality, nice fit, standard length but listed at $40. So yeah, that inspired to go ahead and make them and just look, only costed me $7.84 and with Amazon prime, here next day!
With no more Hobby Lobby 5 minutes away and both Joann Fabric stores about 35-38 miles, north or south of me, the Online Fabric Store will be my go to place. I know, I like to touch the fabric, look at color and get inspired but, jeez to drive the …

Happy New Year!

The Creative Crew