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Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a fresh new beginning and lots of creating!

Merry Christmas!

On and off the Needles....  
This project has been my calm before the storm, and what do I mean by storm? Well, I'm still knitting it. How did I lose the leaflet?, don't know. How did I forget where I left the started accessory? Once again don't know. What really sad is that it been sitting by my bed ready to be completed and worn for the holiday! Yes, working late, leaving a bit earlier in the morning has thrown my knitting time off. Good news is...I have been sewing, BUT, for a special client. Yes, Barbie's Mom needed a new wardrobe so that's another thing I have squeezed in with some light Christmas shopping. Speaking of which, that Amazon Prime membership is freaking awesome. I ordered something last Thursday and it was delivered, get this on Sunday! Yes, Sunday! How great is that!!
This is a really cute cowl by Paton and your can find the free pattern here. It knitted with a Lace Sequin yarn, which is catogory 2 sport yarn. …

Almost off the needles..

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of knitting going on, working through my stash. Yes, I have a yarn stash and I hoard knitting needles (especially when they are given to me).
This is a cute slouch hat and free, yep, free pattern from Lionsbrand. It the Tivoli Slouch hat and again a great gift ideal. If you don't have a Lionbrand account you can create one or get it pattern from here from It your basis knit and stockinette stitch with some slip stitches and yarn overs, the end result is the cute hat. I do a lot of my knitting while I'm commuting so I like easy, travel-able projects. I do believe this is anther Red Heart yarn, just can't remember which one, lol. Hopefully my resident photographer will be up to par to take some photos soon. Take care!

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it!

The Creative Crew