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I need to sew!

Happy Halloween!

Sewing? No. Knitting? YES!

When I can't sew I knit and I've  been knitting. So I've made a baby blanket with a really easy pattern from lion  When I mean one of my favorite all-time knitting patterns this is it by far. This baby blanket is Knitted up in a chunky yarn so it goes fast and works beautifully..

Now for myself I'm starting on a hats and instead of  knitting mittens, going to make some gloves and a scarf.   I hope to finally have the house unpacked and everything in its new place. I love my Saturdays but I don't want to spend them unpacking boxes. Good thing is I got the kitchen and the bathrooms all set up. My beloved sewing machine is waiting patiently to be set up and get its motor purring, but that's all in due time. My dress form is ready for a  outfit to adorn it instead of my bathrobe that just gets toss on it. Lol.

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it.

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