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Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your love ones!

Off the needles this week.

This is the latest accessory to come off my knitting needles. This cute beanie style hat that has a realy nice lace pattern. Although it make it difficult to kinda see the pattern, I do love the colors in the skein I chose. It can wear it with several outerwear items I currently have so I'm stoked about that. It really is very easy to knit up and if you just follow the repeats then you are good to go. I used only only skein and I going to make gloves instead mittens, although I might revisted that thought, lol. On to the next project. Another hat from the stash!

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it.

Off the Knitting Needles...

I didn't take a picture of the finished blanket but I will share with you what I have. My all time favorite baby blanket to make and give is Lionsbrand Bright Nursey Baby Throw. It's easy and knits up quickly.  To keep it cost effective I opted for the Bernat Blanket skein and needed to get a regular size skein to finish it. Below you will see the necessary info regarding the yarn.
You start off with three stitches, then yarn over on the ends until you get 90 stitches and then you start to decrease. It make the boarder as you go. As you can see you might just need one skein, depending how loose or tight you knit.
Here it when it was almost done. It really is one of my favorites.
I also knitted a scarf in these beautiful earthtone colors to go with this jacket I am passing on to a friend. I believe this was knitted with Lionsbrand Homespun yarn. I had it in my yarn stash so it needed to be utilized or donated. I know my friend will enjoy it along with her new coat.

Have I been…

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