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Re-purpose and the finished skirt.

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I was able to take photos of what I have been working on.
This RTW dress was made in the style as Butterick 5836 Sew and Sew. To many cycle in the dryer made it to tight so now it is a skirt and I love it. It will get more wear now.
Here is the skirt from Simplicty 1466. Such an easy skirt to sew. Fits and the natural waist. This is definitely a go to pattern.
This is a RTW jacket that was suppose to go into the bag as well... BUT it still fits great with the exception of the sleeves. So I cut  them off and sewed a narrowed hem and it looks so cute with the skirt!
Here is the another item that didn't get passed on. I cut the sleeves off this one too! They got to short and to tight around the bicep so the were chopped off. Here it is with the same skirt and white tee for a casual Friday look.  I will showcase my brown pull on pants next week. I hope to be stitching up a new dress next week.

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it…

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

McCall's 4321 Men Accessories

It is the season for office parties isn't it? Because some of my material is in my son's closet he thought it was only right that he request a bow tie to wear. So of course I couldn't deny him but it made my wonder if he feels as if I'm not stash busting then he will do it for me? Anyhoo, out of my remnants bag I selected three that would work for him.

I chose McCall's 4321. It features Men's lined vest, bow tie and cummerbund and it is easy.
This sizes range from men's small to XXL, which translate to sizes 34-52. Since I was only sewing the bow tie I used the size XL to make sure there was enough length for fit around his neck. The pattern is in two pieces but it easier to just meld the patterns together and cut on piece. That way you don't have to worry about the bow tie clasp. If anyone prefers the clasp then by all means sew as directed.

Material Selection:The blue rayon from my skirt that I still need to take pictures of, some cotton from a dress t…


How important? Very important to me. I was won of the winners in the Curvy Sewing Collective Wrap Dress sewalong that was hosted in October. Yes! Me! What a great experience it has been too. I never participated in one so to sew along with all the participants was like, AWESOME. I think what I like most was the tips along the way while sewing with knits. I never did a lot of knit sewing but I am hooked!

Here is a link of official winners that were announce on November 7th. You can click on their names and read about there experience as well on there respective blogs. Alicia dress is so cute and she looks ready for the holiday gatherings and Debbie is the perfect wear to work then socialize after work dress. I really do love Vogue 8379 as my go to wrap dress. I will continue to reach out for this pattern throughout the season. This is truly a timeless classic

Thank you to everyone that placed a vote. Thank you to our gracious host Jenny. Thank you Smuggler's Daughter. Thank you to …

Everything is Everything!

Although I just started this blog I do miss posting. Good new is that I have been sewing. I re- fashioned a sundress that has been sitting in the back of the closet. Chopped it off and turned it into a skirt. I did finish my navy blue skirt, and I did finish the Barbie Cardigan. So I have been doing "stuff". I will post the pictures soon. 
Also things are getting into a rhythm around here. I go back to work on Monday which I am happy about. I can't wait to really get my sewing on! I promised myself to sew more in 2015 and gosh darn it, I am. I have been wanting to make my own bras and Crafty has a class so yeah, I want to do that. I am getting ready to start on 2 pair of pants from Simplicity 1810 shown below.

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