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Everything is Everything!

Although I just started this blog I do miss posting. Good new is that I have been sewing. I re- fashioned a sundress that has been sitting in the back of the closet. Chopped it off and turned it into a skirt. I did finish my navy blue skirt, and I did finish the Barbie Cardigan. So I have been doing "stuff". I will post the pictures soon. 

Also things are getting into a rhythm around here. I go back to work on Monday which I am happy about. I can't wait to really get my sewing on! I promised myself to sew more in 2015 and gosh darn it, I am. I have been wanting to make my own bras and Crafty has a class so yeah, I want to do that. I am getting ready to start on 2 pair of pants from Simplicity 1810 shown below.


There are going to be sewn in a woven fabric that I have in my stash. They look easy, quick and comfortable. Basic pants to add to my wardrobe. I envision them being worn quite a a bit too. So let me get started. 

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it


  1. Hi Sabrina, I'm very impressed that you are going to learn to make bras, and that there is a class to learn! The pants will be great basics with the classic shape. I look forward to see your new creations, you did a lot of work apparently! Enjoy the weekend, a hug xx

  2. Thanks. I as super excited about learning lingerie techniques. I have my eye on two kits that include everything so I hoping to splurge on them soon. The pants are really comfortable and easy to sew.


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