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McCall's 4321 Men Accessories

It is the season for office parties isn't it? Because some of my material is in my son's closet he thought it was only right that he request a bow tie to wear. So of course I couldn't deny him but it made my wonder if he feels as if I'm not stash busting then he will do it for me? Anyhoo, out of my remnants bag I selected three that would work for him.

I chose McCall's 4321. It features Men's lined vest, bow tie and cummerbund and it is easy.
McCall's Men's Lined Vests, etc. 4321
This sizes range from men's small to XXL, which translate to sizes 34-52. Since I was only sewing the bow tie I used the size XL to make sure there was enough length for fit around his neck. The pattern is in two pieces but it easier to just meld the patterns together and cut on piece. That way you don't have to worry about the bow tie clasp. If anyone prefers the clasp then by all means sew as directed.

Material Selection:The blue rayon from my skirt that I still need to take pictures of, some cotton from a dress that no longer fit (you know how that goes, lol) and a challis print. His favorite color is blue so I figured they would work.

Cost of Project:Free. Such a great use for remnants

Conclusion:This will definitely be a pattern that I will be using time and time again. It takes less than one yard of fabric and best of all,it's EASY. With so many fabric choices, the possibility are endless.

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it!


The Creative Crew