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Re-purpose and the finished skirt.

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I was able to take photos of what I have been working on.
This RTW dress was made in the style as Butterick 5836 Sew and Sew. To many cycle in the dryer made it to tight so now it is a skirt and I love it. It will get more wear now.
Here is the skirt from Simplicty 1466. Such an easy skirt to sew. Fits and the natural waist. This is definitely a go to pattern.
This is a RTW jacket that was suppose to go into the bag as well... BUT it still fits great with the exception of the sleeves. So I cut  them off and sewed a narrowed hem and it looks so cute with the skirt!
Here is the another item that didn't get passed on. I cut the sleeves off this one too! They got to short and to tight around the bicep so the were chopped off. Here it is with the same skirt and white tee for a casual Friday look.  I will showcase my brown pull on pants next week. I hope to be stitching up a new dress next week.

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it!


  1. Great saves! Love the shorter sleeves and looks very up to date and on trend.

    1. I like them better too. I don't wear alot of red but I will now. I hope to make a few skirts to go with it.

  2. You made great changes, I like the combination of the skirt with the jacket very much!

    1. The jacket feels much better now abround my biceps. I know know in the future when I sew to jackets and shirts to check the bicep measurements. I pretty much caught the waist and tummy thing down now, lol.


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