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The need to SEW!

Yes, I need to sew something! I had a day of all days yesterday. Thank goodness it is Friday. I need to sew this work week out of my system and I plan on doing "sew" too. I started the new year off working overtime and well, it really isn't working for me. I have no time to prep my projects and that irritates me. I need just a little time with my sewing machine and I will be good.

I did finish my pants from Simplicity and I'm almost finish with my Harvest wrap. I stopped knitting on that when the overtime kicked in and have been doing a little before I go to bed. I'm so brain dead when I get home even that's a struggle. I can tell you this much, my Saturday's are my Saturday's again. I'm not working them anymore as of today. Unfortunately my work ethics are a little different from others because I believe in quality not quantity, so no moe giving up my Saturday. My sewing machine misses me and I miss it. So look forward to sewing some completed projects soon. I will start off small just so I don't get frustrated. I have a few dolls that need clothes so I will start there and share them with you.  I have a very special gift for someone that needs to be stitched up and it's sew time is one hour. So yeah, I can so that!

Knitting and sewing and loving everything about it.


  1. So much hours of work gets too much doesn't it, I once had two part-time jobs combined, but worked much more hours than in a full-time job. I couldn't keep it up either! Enjoy your Saturday, and I look forward to your doll outfits!

  2. Returning to my weekends have been great and the sewing has been coming back. I think I'm ready to revamp the brown pants now, lol.


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