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McCalls's 6959 - Sew Along hosted by Sew in Love.

When I first sewed this dress I made View A and it sure came out cute! So when Rin of Sew in Love was so kind to leave me a comment on the dress and mentioned she was hosting a sew along, I knew it was time to make it again, especially with all the comments I was receiving when I first wore it.  So this one will be my first dress for the spring, how awesome is that?

This time I'll stitching up View D and my fabric choice this time around is a linen. I stopped in Hancock Fabrics for snaps and thread and the material was on sale and next thing I knew, I visualized my dress. I almost selected some cotton but this is just as fluid and comfortable. This week she posted part two and I have prepped, marked and basted what I needed before I get started. Now it off to the machine! I'll be sure to keep you posted when it's completed.


  1. Alright! I'm exited to see this version!

  2. Thank you Vanessa, I really like the linen fabric that I picked up.


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