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Getting Started

Hi Everyone, my name is Sabrina and I am getting back into sewing and knitting full force and wanted to share me journey AND pick up some pointers too! A collect dolls too so sometimes you might see them here as well.

This is the my newest endeavor where I will showcase where my creative flows and what becomes of it. I would like to thank everyone who blogs I have lurked over the last few months to encourage me to get back in to sewing and knitting for myself and others. Oh yes, sometimes I sew for others but I have one particular fashion doll that I have started sewing for again. She is a demanding client too, so she helps me remember all things you first learn when you sew and you know we have all been there!

I would place my sewing and knitting skills at intermediate. Once I master my tailoring skills in sewing then I will say expert. One of my goals is to make my son a custom suit and I want it to be absolutely perfect. So yeah, I need to step up my A game and I will.  As for my love of knitting, I can pretty much knit anything I just can't get pass the cost of some yarns so I need to work on that before I classify myself as expert in that creative venture. I rather have the textiles instead of the yarn so that pretty much how some projects come to light, lol.  A lot of time the textiles win!

Thanks for stopping by and I am excited to be on this journey and all the opportunities that might and could come this way.

Yes, even my dolls sew!


The Creative Crew