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On the needles

Sometime outside forces interrupt my sewing time and in this case my mother and son are to blame. I'm still waiting on her to send my stretch piping and because I share a desk with my son I am unable to set up my "sewing studio". So I picked up the knitting needles instead. I saw this yarn on sale at Micheal's and for $2.00 you can't beat that and since I had a coupon, why not right? It is Loops & Threads Woolike yarn and it is super soft! It is a super fine weight yarn that uses a US size 2 needles or E/4 Crochet hook. You will see the complete stats when you click on the link. I knew I wanted to knit something but wasn't sure. Low and behold my Muse was looking at me and persuaded me to knit a parka.
Yes, the parka you see above. It is from knit book for Barbie. It a simple parka with no alteration required. So I figured I could do a section a day, after all I'm waiting on my stretch piping right?
You can see I how long I have been waiting for my mail, lol. I have completed both fronts, back, hood and currently knitting the sleeves. So yes, I'm am creating something since I am was unable to sew at the moment.

I'm sorry did you ever wonder what is going on with my blue fitted skirt? Well don't worry after a trip to Hancock Fabrics AND Joann's I could not find a navy zipper!! How crazy is that? Not even one to shorten? I don't know what's up with that but I will check again this weekend. That the fun with sewing in Charlotte, sometimes you can find everything you need and sometimes you can't find anything you want. I will make another trip sometimes later this week so I can finish my blue skirt. I basted up and so far it looks fabulous!

I'm sure the parka will be done before my mail arrives. In the meantime I will keep knitting along.

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it.


  1. That's a cute hoodie! I haven't knitted in a while...maybe the Fall will get me a bit more inspired to.

    1. It is knitting up nicely and in between reading and other things I can work on it. I just don't want to have to many WIP laying around. It stunts the creativity.

  2. Lovely parkas! In our stores they don't have always what's needed either, very odd! I hope your package arrives soon :-)

  3. Thanks. I just don't understand it. The good thing is Hancock and Joann's are a close near each other on the same street so that makes it easy but when both stores don't have what I need, I'm confused. I usually do Joann for the pattern sales and Hancock for the clearance fabric and lately I have been striking out or missing sales due so I will stay away for a while.


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