Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the needles

Sometime outside forces interrupt my sewing time and in this case my mother and son are to blame. I'm still waiting on her to send my stretch piping and because I share a desk with my son I am unable to set up my "sewing studio". So I picked up the knitting needles instead. I saw this yarn on sale at Micheal's and for $2.00 you can't beat that and since I had a coupon, why not right? It is Loops & Threads Woolike yarn and it is super soft! It is a super fine weight yarn that uses a US size 2 needles or E/4 Crochet hook. You will see the complete stats when you click on the link. I knew I wanted to knit something but wasn't sure. Low and behold my Muse was looking at me and persuaded me to knit a parka.
Yes, the parka you see above. It is from knit book for Barbie. It a simple parka with no alteration required. So I figured I could do a section a day, after all I'm waiting on my stretch piping right?
You can see I how long I have been waiting for my mail, lol. I have completed both fronts, back, hood and currently knitting the sleeves. So yes, I'm am creating something since I am was unable to sew at the moment.

I'm sorry did you ever wonder what is going on with my blue fitted skirt? Well don't worry after a trip to Hancock Fabrics AND Joann's I could not find a navy zipper!! How crazy is that? Not even one to shorten? I don't know what's up with that but I will check again this weekend. That the fun with sewing in Charlotte, sometimes you can find everything you need and sometimes you can't find anything you want. I will make another trip sometimes later this week so I can finish my blue skirt. I basted up and so far it looks fabulous!

I'm sure the parka will be done before my mail arrives. In the meantime I will keep knitting along.

Sewing and Knitting and loving everything about it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

McCalls 6994 - Completed

This is really cute! I'm glad I selected this knit from my stash. The colors are great for transitioning to fall, it can be dressed up with a jacket and some boots as the weather changes and I love the way it fits! I cut this out in the large which reflect sizes 16-18 which is close to my RTW size. As I continue this journey I am finding out my skirts are not much different from store brought sizes, the only adjustments I have needed to make is to the waist. When I start on my pants that could change! Anyhoo, this pattern is a keeper and it has a lot of potential.

See how cute it looks blowing in the wind? It just flows ever so! I have plans in the future to make this in a solid black or green. I already have the perfect shoes to compliment the next one or few.

As for my blue pencil skirt  I wanted to sew up next using New Look Pattern 6228 again will be rearrange in the rotation. Unfortunately the stretch piping I ordered got sent to my mother house in Detroit. When I double checked my email it clearly shows my shipping address here in Charlotte but no worries I already have the next skirt planned.  

I'm going to start on the skirt from Simplicity 1466. It from the Threads magazine collection below. I will be making View E up in a toile. I'm going to test my skills with this one. This will be the first fitted skirt I sewn up in awhile, so let me get started.


See you soon!

Stitching and knitting and loving everything about it!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

McCalls 6994 - Handkerchief Hem Skirt

Pattern Info:
McCalls Sewing Pattern - 6994

The sizes range from XS-XXL which translates to sizes 4 to 26. The envelope reflects Misses sizes ranging from XS -Med, then L-XXL. I will be sewing this up in a size L which will be sizes 16-18. As you can see from the pictures on the envelope this is another staple to have in your wardrobe. 

Material Selection:
A knit from my stash. It a beautiful paisley print with colors of fall. I will be sewing View F. It can be sew in Matte jersey, interlock and ponte knit.

Cost of Project:
Free. Another fine textile in my stash, how great is that!

This is really a easy skirt to sew and for those new to sewing it is a great beginner pattern too. There is minimum alteration, if any! I have it cut out and ready to go. See you soon!

Stitching and knitting and loving everything about it!

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Look 6228 - Completed

I love the way it fits. As I previously mention I made View C in a ponte knit. Extremely comfortable, especially with the residence photographer complaining how hot it was trying to get a good shot.  If you look closely you can see how the gathers really accentuate my curves and hides my tummy that I got going on, lol. The only adjustment I needed to make with this pattern was the waist. So yeah, I LOVE this skirt! I've already cut  out View A so now I'm just waiting on the stretch piping to arrive. I've already basted it so now I wait.  My sewing mantra is to finish one project before starting a new one. In the meantime I will iron out the fabric for the skirt below. It's McCalls 6994 Misses Skirt. Here it is in View E and F under their Learn to Sew for Fun Line. I love handkerchief hems and this is really cute and I will be sewing up View F. The other views showcase full skirts in different lengths as well and I will eventually sew them too! Which brings be to my second mantra, If I purchase any new patterns I have to like most or all the views, and I do with this one! This is a pattern that can be used in every season. See you soon!


Stitching and knitting and loving everything about it!