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Trust me, I have been creating...

I have really. Although seems like I have forgotten about my little sewing share space here but I haven't. I have been creating all kinds of knitwear and some creating some doll fashions. I did have a few pictures to share. The one above is the outfit that a lucky winner won on my doll blog giveaway.

Here is the back of the top, which was inspired from Vogue 8905. I love this top with jeans or leggings, so I made some easy pull on pants for the famous fashion doll. Doesn't take much fabric either, thank goodness for fabric scraps!
Well, I made another baby blanket and forget to take a pictures but it my all time, go to, super easy blanket it knit up. I shared it here when I knitted one for my son co-worker. I used the same yarn but in this color. The new mother and her family just loved it. They expressed how everyone just love the blanket.
I also have finished my dress that I shared here but still haven't worn it, lol. I also knitted a pink and green cardi for a future AKA. Isn't this cute! Another great pattern from and yes, it's free!  If you have an account or create an account you can find the info here. For her matching hat I just knitted on size 7 circular needles in a stockinette stitch. My coworker has a hat with the cute pom pom on top so I decided to give her a big one. This is in a size 6-12 month so just to give you an ideal that the lucky recipient will be able to grow into it, my darling Scarlet modeled it for for size.
I also knitted this scarf which was a christmas gift for the same coworker using Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Autumn Red. Easy to knit up and the diagonal pattern, makes the scarf just pop! Model by the recipient himself.
I also made her Simplcity 1098, View C Wrap for Christmas. I selected the Lux  Fleece from Joanne because the coupon worked out great. This fleece is so nice and soft, it like wrapping  yourself in a blanket. I'm going to make me a vest the next time around.
Yes, I made View A for myself,  and it is just as cute (yes, that my dress, still on the mannequin, lol)

See, I have been creating and with the new year arriving in a few hours and I don't go back to work until Wednesday. I have time on my hand to create some more. My personal resolutions for 2017 will to sew more, create more and of course post more.

Happy New Year my Friends!!


  1. Great to see your lovely projects. I shall have to check out that fleece at JoAnn's.

    1. Happy New Year Jemilyea! You will love it too, it is extremely soft so it will keep you very warm.

  2. You have been busy!!!! Nice makes!

    1. Happy New Year Vanessa! It was so nice of you to share you xmas pictures. Your little "boo" is so cute. I love the last photo.


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